1/48 Hasegawa F-104C Starfighter

Gallery Article by Patrick Spitaels


Here are the shots of my latest job...the wonderful F-104C at 1/48 scale from HASEGAWA.  I bought the kit during the US Nats at Dallas...it was so great to have this brand new kit, and when I opened the box I could see what I had for my money !


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This kit is without problems, crisp scribing, great details, from the gear to the cockpit, it's great.  I made some modifications- I added some parts of the photoetched sheet
from Eduard, normally for the MONOGRAM kit, but I just used the parts for the seat and rails of the canopy. In the cockpit I added some little stuff and used the decals for the instrument panel, it looks really great - just drop in some FUTURE for the instruments. 

I also decided to open a part of the gun bay, using primarily the part from the MONOGRAM kit.   I replaced the barrels with plastic tubes and added some little stuff too. Second, and the most difficult, I decided to open the engine bay, which is usually opened when on the ground.  So I built part of the engine....(looks like !) and the opened panel!  Those parts are in fact really difficult to build, because it's so tricky and wired, so I just tried to make it look correct. For the paint, I used the TESTOR metallizer, first a coat of MAGNESIUM and then ALUMINUM, some darker shades at the back and it's done. Thank the motortool for the polishing !

I used the decals from the box, it looks like the most colorful STARFIGHTER.   Just one problem- take care if you use MICRO SOL,  HASEGAWA decals don't really like that! Hope you'll like the shots.  Have a great time building this wonderful jet, I'm waiting for the next version to build a Belgian one!

Patrick Spitaels

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Photos and text by Patrick Spitaels