1/48 Hasegawa CF-104

Gallery Article by Scott 'Inuvik Dude' McTavish


F-104J Conversion

Well, I have finished building up a CF-104 with the Hasegawa J kit. Despite having a very limited workshop up here while working in Inuvik, I still managed to pump out an excellent model.  Having slacked off with my modeling for a while, I put this one out over the last two weeks.


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I was impressed with this kits fit and ease of construction. I used Belcher Bits decals and they went on flawlessly, sucking down into the detail with Gunze's decal set.  Only a few minor bits of work remain upon return to Civilization, ie. ident lights and candy cane pitot tube striping.

Next project: I'm going to get in on the Millenium Hornet seeing as no one else has jumped in on Uncle Ricks contest.

Scott 'Inuvik Dude' McTavish


Photos and text by Scott 'Inuvik Dude' McTavish