1/48 Hasegawa A-4F

Gallery Article by Darren Roberts


This is Hasegawa A-4 Skyhawk pretty much straight out of the box, with the exception of a True Details seat. The build of the kit is absolutely beautiful, and it's been reviewed before, so I won't go in to that. I did have a bit of trouble with the tip of the nose lining up, but a spot of filler fixed that. 

When the building aspect was finished, I began to look for a neat adversary scheme to put on it. I was able to find just 3 pictures of "Hawk 15" assigned to VF-45 in Key West, FL. Fortunately, I was able to get most of the design of the scheme from those pictures. I sprayed the entire model with MM Acryl Light Gray (FS 36495). After this came a coat of MM Acryl Light Ghost Gray on the underside.  When that was dry, I cut out the wavy pattern using low tac blue masking tape. This tape is wonderful! 


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You can leave it on forever, and it won't leave behind any residue. This was actually the longest part of the project, though it was not difficult. I placed the tape masks where they belonged on model, then sprayed MM Acryl Dark Ghost Gray. When the paint was dry to the touch, I peeled off the masks and cleaned up any goofs. I used decals from the Hobbycraft adversary A-4 and from my spares box to get the markings for VF-45. It turned out to be a very eye-catching scheme.

Enjoy the photos.

Darren Roberts


Photos and text by Darren Roberts