1/48 Academy P-47D

Gallery Article by Richard Eglen


Although best known for its extensive service with the USAAF, the P 47D, or Thunderbolt II, (as it was known by the British) was used by the RAF in the Far East during late 1944 - 1945. About 590 F. Mk IIs were delivered to India - where they were used operationally or to Egypt, where they were used by No 73 Operational Training Unit (OTU) for pilot instruction on the type. 


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The Thunderbolt II, introduced to replace the aging Hurricanes, was used extensively in low level offensive reconnaissance and Rhubarb missions over the retreating Japanese forces in Arakan and central Burma. 

Not generally known is that the Thunderbolt had the lowest loss rate per sortie of any RAF aircraft in WWII, with only seven being downed due to ground fire. Many schemes are available for RAF Thunderbolts, including several with white recognition lines to prevent confusion with the Japanese Nakajima Ki-44 or Ki-84. 

The model illustrated here is from the Academy 1:48 scale kit, made straight from the box. It represents an aircraft of No 73 OTU in Fayid, early 1945, from the 'Ace of Spades' flight.  More details can be found on my website www.aircraftscalemodeling.com.

Richard Eglen

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Photos and text by Richard Eglen