1/72 Hasegawa F-18A

Gallery Article by Bernhard Pethe


The Hasegawa 1/72 scale Hornet is somewhat old, but it's still a nice kit that requires no major modifications.I only corrected the rudders and slats to give the model a more realistic appearance.

I used the VERLINDEN detail set (resin and PE parts)for the seat and cockpitas well as for thenose radar assembly.Theresin weapon pylons were also used and I added two very nice resin Harpoons from the same set.


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As I wanted to do amore colorfulUSMC F-18A Hornet, I used the HI-DECALLINE sheet 72023 with markings for 163180 DW/01a F-18A Hornet from the VMFA-251, stationed at Beaufort MCAS in 1993. This aircraft had a big red lightning bolt on the tail - something different from the usually drab USMC liveries. I also usedthe data sheets and formation stripes in correct colors from the HI-DECALsheet 72034.

The model was painted according to the instructions with XTRACOLOR glossyenamel paints.When the paint was dry, I applied a much diluted acrylic paint into the panel lines, using the capillaritymethod. The excess paint was removed using a small cosmetic cotton pad. Of course, thismethod can be used in case of negative graved, fine but relatively deep panel lines. Hasegawa's Hornet fortunately was such a model.

After the "painting" of the panel lines, the decals were applied. The final step was the spraying of a semi - gloss transparent varnish sealing coaton the whole model.

I hope you enjoy the model.

Bernhard Pethe


Photos and text by Bernhard Pethe