1/48 Hasegawa F-104J

Gallery Article by Dave Askett


Here are a few photos of a 1/48 scale Starfighter I finished recently. It was converted to a CF-104 from Hasegawa's F-104J kit, this work amounting to little more than the removal of the bulge from the base of the windscreen, deletion of the cannon, and a few changes to the cockpit. The Vinten Vicon camera pod under the belly was built from scratch.


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The model is finished as the very first Canadian-built Starfighter, 12701, as it appeared early in its career during tests of the Vicon pod. 

The bare metal finish was achieved using SNJ Aluminum, various shades of Testors Metalizer and Floquild Old Silver paints. Decals are from Belcher Bits' CF-104 sheet and the spare decals box.


Dave Askett


Photos and text by Dave Askett