1/48 Italeri F/A-18E

Gallery Article by Kelly Quirk


Just finished this 1/48 F/A-18E.  This started out as a fun "quickie" but in the end involved quite a bit of work.  I added a Black Box cockpit, Hasegawa drop tanks and weapons, and a little bit of photoetch from a Verlinden F/A-18C set.  I did go back and lighten the center of some of the panels with the airbrush, sort of reverse shading I guess you call it.  


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I did delete the speedbrake and tow out the pylons as Joe Hedgedus has pointed out.  The tail planes were repositioned in a drooped position.  I was also inspired by my friend Darren Roberts to do a "what if" decal job, so here is my idea for the VF-2 "Bounty Hunters".  

Overall a fun project, and it sure feels good to get something finished!

Kelly Quirk

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Photos and text by Kelly Quirk