1/72 Hasegawa LFXVIe

Gallery Article by Geoff McDonell


Mk. VIIIconverted to an Mk. LFXVIe

This is the 1/72 scale Hasegawa Mk. VIII kit converted to an LFXVIe.  The Heller Mk.XVIe kit donated the rear fuselage deck and wing tips, while the canopy was a vacuformed Squadron piece.  

The "e" wing was converted by repositioning the 20mm cannons, removing and replacing the cannon blisters on the upper wings and cutting new shell ejection ports on the underside of the wing.   

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The cockpit was fabricated from a Cooper Details cast resin parts kit.  

The decals were from an older "Tally-Ho" brand decal sheet with the necessary markings for a 443 Squadron (RCAF) machine that was based at Utersen, Germany in late 1945.  The stencilling was obtained from an Arrow Graphics sheet labelled as "Spitfire Scribbles".  Paint was XtraColour, overcoated with a blend of Testor's Dullcote/Glosscote.  Weathering was applied with chalk pastels applied with a cotton swab. 

Geoff McDonell

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Photos and text by Geoff McDonell