Planes of the Royal Malaysian Air Force

Gallery Article by S.B Parameswaran


1/32 Hasegawa A-4 Skyhawk

This model is a 1/32 scale Hasegawa kit. It has been modeled to depict the A-4 Skyhawks used by the Royal Malaysian Air Force in the late 1980's. The Royal Malaysian Air Force was equipped with two squadrons of Skyhawks namely number 6 and number 9 Squadrons. This version depicted here follows the scheme used by number 9 Squadron which followed Dark Green and Olive Drab camouflage. The model was built straight from the box. It was airbrushed using a combination of Testors Model Master and Revell model enamels. The Royal Malaysian Air Force markings were custom made while the other common markings were obtained from the decal sheet.


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1/48 Revell F-5E

This model is a 1/48 Revell kit. The kit is based on the old Monogram mould. The model was made to depict the F-5Es of the Royal Malaysian Air Force. The Royal Malaysian Air Force was equipped with two squadrons namely number 11 and 12 Squadrons. The F-5E was first delivered to Malaysia in 1975 and there is still one squadron flying the type even today. 

This model was modeled to depict the aircraft used by number 11 squadron or the cobra squadrons as it is know here in Malaysia. 

This model was modeled straight from the box. The model was finished in Silver and Flat Black using Revell enamels. The decals were custom made while few common markings were taken from the decal sheet.

1/48 Revell-Monogram P-40E

P-40E Warhawk
This kit is a 1/48 Revell kit which was originally boxed as Monogram kit. This kit was made straight from the box. The kit was finished using Revell and Gunzo model paints. The aircraft depicted here was weathered quite heavily using a combination of oil pastels and water based poster paints. 

I also added some dry-brushing of silver and aluminum to create paint chips on wings, prop and the overall model. The decals were also scratch and ripped moderately with a hobby knife to create chippings.  

Since the kit came with two figures, I decided to display the model on a base. The base was made out of cardboard and was filled with modeling clay to create a ground texture. Various imprints were made on the ground to simulate wheel marks and etc. The texture was then airbrushed using a mixture of earth shades to simulate the ground. It was then finished with a fine sprinkle of simulated grass (the type used in model rail road building). Lastly it was cased in a glass frame for display.

S.B Parameswaran


Photos and text by S.B Parameswaran