1/72 Esci CF-104 Starfighter

Gallery Article by Geoff McDonell on July 1 2002

  Canada Day 


This model is the Esci kit of the Starfighter in 1/72 scale which is finished with some of the Hasegawa Starfighter kit decals.  The model was built straight out of the box with the addition of the small resin RWR warning radar bumps that were supplied in some Leading Edge decal packs.


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Paints are XtraColour- NATO  Green and Dark Sea Grey with light grey lower side.  The panel lines were enhanced with a sharpened mechanical pencil using HB lead.  

The barber pole stripe on the pitot tube was applied using a red decal stripe wrapped around the white painted part.

Geoff McDonell


Photos and text by Geoff McDonell