1/32 Airshowmodels.comPitts S2B

Gallery Article by Barney Dunlevy


Here's another Pitts S2B from Airshowmodels.com. Like the others I built, it is 1/32 scale resin and brass and is built OOB. The only change was the Gold Spinner and the use of the Metallic Blue paint.


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The aircraft was finished using Model Master Gloss Oldsmobile Engine Blue (metallic) and Gloss white. The identification is from Pete Groves Lettering Decal sheet. The gold trim is also from a new decal sheet for "Competition" scheme models. This one is in the "Competition" scheme with the gold stripping from Airshowmodels.com optional decal sheet. This is just one of six choices on the sheet, of colour combination and trim.

It was built straight from the box in under 10 hours. (Build enough of these things and you get kind of quick at it) ;0)

Barney Dunlevy


Photos and text by Barney Dunlevy