1/48 Testors F-104

Gallery Article by Steve Eggers


Kit: Testors 1/48 F-104† 
Kit #: unknown† 
Price: 2.00 at the local Hobby Lobby 50% off Sale† 
Decals: Two versions, George AFB, and a QF-104.† 
Review and Photos by: Steve Eggers† 
Notes: Re-release of the old Hawk kit.


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This is the Testors re-release of the old Hawk F-104 kit.  The local Hobby Lobby was having one of their 50% Off Sidewalk Sales and I pick this kit up for a whopping $2.00.  I built this kit straight out of the box.  Itís a bit crude, no wheel wells, no cockpit to speak of, but the decals are Scale Master decals.  Although, they were in terrible shape and I ended up having to go to the spare decal bin for most of them as the kit decals shattered in water. 

I built this model to be put on display at the Texas Aviation Historical Society Museum. I think it turned out quite well. Hope you all like it.

Steve Eggers


Photos and text © by Steve Eggers