Two 1/48 Hasegawa F-104's

Gallery Article by Henk Rodermond

306 SQN (recce) 


My name is Henk Rodermond from the Netherlands. My collection of model planes exists of 1/48 scale models of the RNLAF. Most planes are build out of the box and updated if possible with blackbox update set. Decals are taken from which offers decals for most of Dutch military planes.


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The two latest models I build where two ONE O FOURS of 322 interceptor sqn and 306 recce sqn. (HASEGAWA 1/48).

I both updated them with a BlackBox and a Leading Edge update set. For the recce 104 I used a fotoreccepod from DACO products Belgium. Decals where taken from Dutchdecals.

322 SQN (Intercepter)

Airbrush paint was used from modelmaster and made up to FS colors.

Henk Rodermond

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Sidewinder rail Orpheus recce pod



Photos and text by Henk Rodermond