1/48 Hasegawa A-4C Skyhawk

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Douglas/Grumman A-4PTM Skyhawk  TUDM (Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia)

In 1980, the Royal Malaysian Air Force (TUDM) purchased a mixed number of A-4Cs and A-4Ls. However, due to escalation of modification costs, the TUDM decided to update only 40 airframes, 32 of them being A-4PTMs and the remaining as TA-4PTM trainers. Deliveries of all aircrafts were completed by early 1986.


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Powered by refurbished J65-W-20 engines, new avionics were also installed.  These includes the AN/ARN-118 TACAN, Saab RGS-2A lead computing weapon sight, a Lear Siegler altitude heading system and an AN/ARC-164 UHF transceiver. External avionics hump, a standard feature of A-4L, were also retained. Others include an enlarged canopy, similar to A-4Ms, and the drag chute, located aft lower fuselage.

The A-4PTM (Peculiar to Malaysia), as far as weaponry goes, were wired with AIM-9 Sidewinders for air defence role. Though up to only 20 A-4PTMs were configured to carry the AGM-65 Maverick for the maritime and close air support roles.

All TUDM Skyhawks were based in Kuantan, with No. 6 & 9 Skuadrons. But its service life was relatively brief until the replacement by BAe Hawk Mk 208s in late 1994.  

However, the TUDM retained 6 A-4PTMs as operational tankers for the Hawk Mk 208s. All six were configured to carry the Douglas D-704 buddy pod on centerline pylon. The featured model below is an example of a ‘Buddy Pod Scooter’.

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