1/32 Trumpeter F-100 D Super Sabre

Gallery Article by Peter Doll on Nov 26 2009


F-100 D Super Sabre in Thunderbird Finish

After I've already shown here on ARC two of my Huns in 1:32 scale, I want to show you number 3 in a colorful finish of the USAF Aerobatic Team "The Thunderbirds" when they operated the F-100 D in the mid sixties.

Built generally straight out of the box, I had to add the plumbing for a smoke generator running below the vertical fin ending in a smoke pipe above the exhaust nozzle and Zactoman's resin nose to give the Hun the correct face.  

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Many articles have already been written on Trumpeter's big Hun, so I don't have to say much about the building and the quality of the kit. Only the kit's intake has to be corrected and that is a must.

Unfortunately CAM has not yet released his forthcoming decals for a Thunderbird-Hun, so I had to paint my model with handmade masks. The blue stars are taken from a Fantasy Printshop sheet with all sizes of stars.

All not painted parts of the model are plated with simple kitchen foil and this time I've used the shiny side of the foil for the area below the cockpit. The middle of the fuselage is foiled with the backside of the aluminium foil, while the rear fuselage is plated with parts of foil cooked with egg shells  to create a certain burned metal character. Finally I used ALCLAD's hot metal violet, to give this part the final touch.

As you can see my Hun-Fleet is growing and I swear that this was not my last model of this type.

Peter Doll

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Photos and text by Peter Doll