1/48 ESCI MiG-23s

Gallery Article by Petit James on May 6 2010


I can finally present to you my Iraqi fighter.  I have always in so much modeler has every building at the beginning or ongoing fear do not ever to finished my models.

But I could see the finished diorama in my head in the beginning.  The build for this model was completed during 4 months of Saturdays.

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I made the choice to represent this aircraft, a MiG-23s from ESCI n8207 in an Iraqi version during the war against Iran. 

For the painting I used Revell 371,361 and Humbrol 119,29

Linden hill had the good idea to go out a special decals with all the aircrafts Iraqis, plate that I to buy but very disappointed.

Because their work has was made has half, only a view as a blind for a aircraft the left side is for the rest disentangle you with the net.

The pictures of Syrain MiG-23 to my help has finish the rest. 

For the figure of Saddam Hussein, I built in the good scale.  Note the figure origin on the picture, such a long job but in finally nice for my diorama.

My next model is also a MiG Iraqi

I already find the title, the Iraqi fighter and her armour the MiG-25 foxbat

For a new diorama nice aircraft.

And finally only for the big Iraq! 

A+ always-in-ascent

Petit James

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Photos and text by Petit James