1/72 MiG-23MF "Flogger"

Gallery Article by Hristo Krumov on Sept 16 2010


I chose the Hasegawa MiG-23 model to do a Bulgarian interceptor type MF the way it flew in the early 80's for the (then) peoples republic air force.  It was almost made OOB -no resin or photo etched items used. 

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I only did recessed panel lines instead of the "old school" one's, proper holders for armament under the wing gloves for the MF type, enlarged the radar by enscribing a circle line -2-3mm,s behind where it fits the nose section (more of a visual FX) and correct shaped the upper speed brakes. I enjoyed the build. 

Paints used - mixes of Revell and Humbrol in obscure amounts.  Not sure if the camo' is 100% what it used to be though.

Bulgarian made decals were used - very brittle unless clear coated beforehand. 

Weathering - I used (very) worn-out sand paper (almost A4 printer paper roughness) and liquid soap to wash the model before the decals placement.  It helped the paint to loose the distinct lines between the colours.  On the spots where the paint fell I put some Revell N99 aluminum paint. Like on the real thing the edges loose paint almost instantly after the military paintshop work.  And - Yes - you guessed correctly its a brush painted model. 

Dirt - this bird was based close to the largest metal producing factory in Bulgaria - hence it sometimes flew in the thick black smoke coming from it on take-off and landing. I did use some black aquarel pencils to do the dirt and the panel lines -first time I ever did this.  A matt clear coating and off it goes. 

Hope you enjoy this one!

Hristo Krumov

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Photos and text by Hristo Krumov