1/35 Academy Super Cobra

Gallery Article by David Qu on Nov 1 2010


Hello there,
I'm back to ARC with my second submission in one month.  This is actually a build I finished more than half a year ago.  It was one of those models that I didn't think I could ever have a good finish, but it turned out a lot better than I expected.  This 1/32 Academy "Super Cobra" is straight OOB build. Overall fit went fairly well, but fillings on seams here and there were needed.  I didn't open any fuselage panels to display the engine bays as I'm not good enough yet to scratch build all the wiring for internal details; in addition, I always think aircraft without too many open "holes" presents a better overall asthetic effect.  I used Model Masters/Testors light ghost gray for overall color, and washed with acrylic based color. 

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The biggest challenge on this kit, and actually on lots of Academy kits are the decals, I don't know why they always end up having those white spots underneath even though I applied lots of decal setting solution before and after applying them.  I heard about general issues with Academy decals, but didn't really expect that I would encounter it every time (not long before this build, I also finished a 1/35 "Black Hawk", and decaling had the same issue, I'll share this build later in ARC).  Nevertheless, I was able to manage this decaling issue with lots of setting solution, and after that, I applied my acrylic based wash. After everything dried up, I further enhanced panel lines with dry brushing pastels, and it turned out with great effect like you see here.

Hope you guys enjoy it; too bad I'm busy these days, but modeling is a on-going effort for me in my leisure time.

David Qu

Photos and text by David Qu