Air Defense Museum in Hanoi

Gallery Article by Richard H Stracey on Nov 2 2010


Here's 3 photos of an McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II B model (wreckage) that resides at the Air Defense Museum in Hanoi.  The focal point of the outdoor display is a pile of American aviation wrecks that include fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.  The one item that catches the eye is an almost intact Navy F-4 Phantom II with BuNo 153001, that was shot down on 14 May 1967.

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On May 14 1967 Linfield 201, an F-4B (BuNo 153001), LCDR Charles E. Southwick, and LT David J. Rollins, VF-114 was on a  flak suppression mission gainst suspected AAA/SAM sites covering Ham Rong Bridge, near Thanh Hoa, 1947N, 10550E.  It is suspected the jet had suffered a flame out in both engines after ingesting gas from it's own Zuni rockets.  The damaged Phantom II continued on after the crew ejected coming to a rest upright on a riverbank.  3 Alpha strikes failed to destroy the aircraft before it was taken away.  Both men were captured and did not return home until 4 April 1973.  

Enjoy the photos.

Richard H Stracey

Photos and text by Richard H Stracey