1/72 Sword Beech Staggerwing

Gallery Article by Gabriel Stern on Nov 12 2010


   This Beech Staggerwing has an Argentinean registration but it is now on Brazilian hands.

It is depicted as it was in a previous stage of its life. Now it wears an abundance of stickers that somehow detract from its lines and makes it just a little bit akin to an adolescent-owned van.

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   The kit is a Sword release from years ago, and so it is the model, which was left incomplete until now. If memory serves, being a short-run kit, some little struggle was involved during construction. A new spinner and prop were fashioned and home made decals were added. The aft windows could be rolled down as in car, and so it is depicted.

   A timeless classic that can bring some elegance to your collection, and there are so many liveries out there to chose from that it is a field day.

Gabriel Stern

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Photos and text by Gabriel Stern