1/48 Pegasus P-51B Mustang

Gallery Article by John Smalbrugge on Nov 12 2010


Well not much needs to be said about this aircraft. The  P-51B is the more recent Pegasus kit (E-Z Snaps).  This was a "Club Build" project, the Mustang was a practice kit just for fun for all our members.  My model ended up with a foggy canopy hence the canvas cover made from paper towel. Note: don't use CA on canopies even if they are dipped in Future and Windex mix.

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P-51B Mustang - Tuskegee ....
The P-51 Mustang is known as the best fighter aircraft of World War Two. Starting in 1943 it flew farther and faster, than most other planes in the sky. Serving mostly as a long range fighter escort and its pilots loved the maneuverability in a dog fight, as well as its ease to fly on long range escort missions.

Lee Archer is the famous Tuskegee airman's only "Ace" pilot with 5 kills. This airplane is his North American P-51 in which he scored three kills in one day on October 13th 1944. While usually referred to as a P-51B, Archer actually flew a P-51C version, which only differed from the B version in where it was manufactured. Archer went on to serve in the Korean War as well, and retired from the Air Force in 1970 with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Enjoy the pictures and Happy Modeling to you all !
"Plastic John"

John Smalbrugge

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Photos and text by John Smalbrugge