1/48 Accurate Miniature P-400 Airacobra

Gallery Article by David Rapasi on Nov 8 2010


The P-400 Airacobra, (model 14), was a P-39-C that was built to British specs.

Of the 675 model 14s built, 179 were taken over by the USAAF.

Over 100 of these USAF P-400s, retaining their RAF serial numbers and paint scheme, were shipped to Australia.

Along with P-39-Ds, the P-400 became one of the first USAAF aircraft to see action over Port Moresby.

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This aircraft flew with the 67th FS, 347th FG, which was based on New Guinea and Guadalcanal's Henderson Field in '42 and '43.

This model was finished with Model Master Paint and kit Decals.

The last photo shows the model with it's base colors which have been faded from their original color.

Colors used on this model;

  • RAF Extra Dark Sea Green; a close match too, QMS# 42, ANA612, MM 1764.
  • RAF Dark Earth; a close match too, ANA 617, MM 2054.
  • RAF Light Sea Gray; a close match too, QMS# 10, ANA 602.
  • Interior Green; QMS# 42.

Dave Rapasi

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Photos and text by David Rapasi