1/32 Trumpeter Sukhoi Su-27 B

Gallery Article by Florin ”Scorpio” Silaghi on Nov 9 2010


After several years of state in the stash, I decided it would be appropriate to remove it and move on to something big and serious.  Said and done.  Lots of goodies lay still beside it and waited in the box nice to find this place on that “beast”.  A lot of Zacto goodies, Aires and Eduard's set, plus a livery which pleased me first time.  Everyone else was doing military versions, I chose something different, a "half-blood" military version, from the aerobatic team the "SOKOLY ROSSII" which means "Russian Falcons’' and belongs to the 760 IISAP (Instructor Research Composite Aviation Regiment 760th) based at the 4th Combat Training & Conversion Center (TsBP I PLS) at Lipetsk 2 AB, Russia, less known but not less impressive, the new version with hard edge camouflage and paint with darker shades.

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So I said, a lot of goodies, intakes, nose cone, canopy, wingtip pylons from Zacto, wheel bay and exhaust nozzles from Aires, pre-painted inside and seat from Eduard and home made decals for Lipetsk badge.

The entire construction took me over three months and I used a lot of paints from Gunze, Model Masters, Tamiya, Humbrol and Revell, both acrilycs and enamels.  For the engine I used Tamiya weathering Master set D applied on different shades of metal, with a satisfactory result.

After a lot of paint consumed, after an almost complete repainting (when I missed a shade of blue), came what you see. I hope you enjoy the photos, or hear as many complaints.


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Photos and text © by Florin”Scorpio”Silaghi