1/48 Academy MiG-21UM Mongol B

Gallery Article by Artur Oslizlo on Nov 11 2010

  Poland Independence Day 2010 


This is my MiG-21UM Mongol B in 1:48th scale.  I used as the base Academy MiG-21MF version with NeOmega resin conversion set for UM variant. It was very difficult and complicated operation.

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However, the result came out satisfactorily for me. The model is painted in an unusual gray-gray camouflage.  Only a few planes of this type was painted in Polish Air Forces.
MiG-21 was called by our technicians and pilots as "szybki" ( speedy ) or " żelazko" ( iron ).  My 9311 was used by 10 ELT in Łask.  

I would like to thank my colleagues for their help in building this model: "dareksommerfeld", "dd1968", " Lucas HS", "young" and "Piotrek.S."
Best regards

Artur Oslizlo

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Photos and text by Artur Oslizlo