1/72 Revell North American P-51B Mustang Mk.III

Gallery Article by Jean-Paul Wrona on Nov 11 2010

  Poland Independence Day 2010 


Recently finished, this is my North American P-51B Mustang Mk.III.  I used the 1/72 Revell kit, improved with these accessories :

  • Photoetched set from Extratech,

  • Vac canopy from Aeroclub Models,

  • Resin wheels from True Details.

I also used the underwing tanks from the Revell P-47D kit.

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The building started with the cockpit.  I removed the kit's details and replaced them with PE parts and some scratchbuilding (styrene material and copper wire).  The gunsight received the usual little piece of transparent plastic sheet.

For the canopy, Revell provide it in one piece.  I conserved the rear windows and replaced the mobile part and the windshield with vac parts.

Then, nothing very special to notice with the continuation of the building.  I used the True Details wheels and preferred to use the tanks from the Revell P-47, instead of the load provided in the box.

For the painting, I used Humbrol enamels for the plumage (163/164/165 for the camouflage, white 130, yellow 154 and pale green 23) and acrylics (Prince August, Humbrol and Revell) for the rest.

For the camouflage, it was painted by brush and the edges were worked with thinner.

For the markings, Revell propose the choice between 2 RAF aircrafts based in the United Kingdom :

  • the SZ-H/FB353, belonging to the 316th (Polish) Squadron, Friston in August 1944,

  • the AZ-R/FB184, belonging to the 234th Squadron, Bentwaters in December 1944.

I selected the Polish aircraft.  The book from Osprey, "Polish Aces of World War 2", precise that the aircraft was flown by Flt/Lt Longin Majewski who shot down a Fw-190 but earned the ace status with the hunt for V1 (7 claimed, later downgraded to 5). Later, FB353 was transferred to the 315th (Polish) Squadron.

Varnished, weathered... Last parts were fixed and an antenna (made from nylon wire) was added.

It wasn't my first Revell Mustang but my third.  This time, I wanted to do a Polish aircraft and to improve it (the 2 first were in US markings and built out of the box).
So... Mission accomplished.

Hope you liked it.

Jean-Paul Wrona

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Photos and text by Jean-Paul Wrona