1/48 Airfix Saab JA 37 Viggen

Gallery Article by Arnold Cremers on Nov 19 2010


This is my 1/48 Airfix Saab JA 37 Viggen. I have always wanted to build it. After some hesitation I started it. The first thing I did was to rescribe the whole kit. This was for me the most difficult part of the build together with the camouflage. The cockpit is from Neomega. The decals came from Twobob decals. I used a needle for the pitot tube and the sidewinders and Skyflash rockets were from one of the Hasegawa weapons set. The rest was build out of the box.

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The build was quite easy. You can't see it in the pictures but I used for the exhaust a tailpipe from a Italeri F-16. It looks better than the standard exhaust pipe which is in the kit. The rails for the sidewinders were from a Hasegawa F-104. These were a little bit corrected at the end.  

The painting was done with Gunze and Tamiya paint. The most boring bit of the build was the masking of camouflage. It took me almost a week to mask and paint, but it was worth it.  The decals went on well. The only comment I have on them is, that the placing of the stencilling could have been better on the instruction sheet.

Arnold Cremers

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Photos and text by Arnold Cremers