1/18 JS International Iranian Tomcat F-14A

Gallery Article by Paolo Yuen on Nov 24 2010


This is not a model kit, it was a finished model for a collector in VF-84 marking, I like the Iranian air force marking in that only the tomcat export country!

I used my printer to print out the Testors clear decal and the Iranian marking, but usually the home’s printer did not have white color I have to paint the white on the model first.

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The refueling probe area is made with plastic sheet, the AIM-9B is from their F-104 model, I cut out the outer ploys the lower parts made it difference to U.S. fill the gaps and repainted it all!

But I did not repaint the cockpit, but I did detail up the seats, using the no used P.E. parts the frame cut out the seatbelt shape and copper wire to make the black and yellow ejection circle!  I did not detail the landing gear cause I of had to remove them but the wheel wells were detailed!

It was a very fresh item and has detailed surface and a nice cockpit and it permits the modeler to do a conversion for they love the Tomcat marking.

Paolo Yuen

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Photos and text © by Paolo Yuen