1/72 Revell, Italeri & Airfix Hawks

Gallery Article by Kin Wong on Nov 25 2010


Hi! To every aircraft modelers on ARC.

After my last F-5E, this time I show you my latest models.  Four BAe Hawks, yes, mass product!

They are all in 1/72.   Two from the Revell Hawk T.Mk 1, 1 from the Italeri Hawk MK. 100, & the last 1 is from the Airfix Hawk Mk 100.  I assembled them out of the box, with no additional parts added.

First I have a review of these four Hawks.

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Revellís Hawk looks good; just a few parts need special attention.  Especially the two air intakes, & part no. 20.

Italeriís Hawk 100, only the fuselage is different, remaining parts are the same as Revellís, so it also has the same problems as the Revell kit.

Airfixís Hawk 100 is a new tooling kit.  It is my first time to assemble the Airfix model.  It looks better than the others, but still has the same problems.

At first, I think these small trainers will be easy job.  I tried to find some reference pix before I started, but failed.  OK! Just do it out-of-the-box.  Models were started on 2/5/10.

The Cockpit & Nozzle must center.  Tail wing must note angle.

I used decals from The Aviation Workshop MAS-729001 that I bought few years ago and it looks great.  Before I started decaling, I read the decal instructions and found I needed one more stencil decal from The Aviation Workshop.  Thanks for my friendís help! The small stencil was not easy to locate.

Italeriís Hawk 100 is an easy one, I sprayed it freehand, decals were also simple.

Airfixís Hawk 100 provides decals, but I scanned it and sprayed it before the decals. The decals were not easy to apply. You must pay more attention. Apply decals just one by one.

All four Hawk had panel line problems.  It was difficult to locate the proper location for some decals.  The decals were also not marked very clearly as compared with Japanese model kits.

Total result was not so satisfying.  This is my first mass production, & Iíll try to do mass production next time.  Mass production can save more time when it comes to cleaning airbrush, but you need think more before you start working.

Kin Wong

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Photos and text © by Kin Wong