1/72 Italeri Hercules

Gallery Article by Harv on Mar 4 2011


Canadian Air Force 413 Sqn Hercules 

Normally I wait til the build job's finished before displaying, but in this case I had to make an exception. The reason is the new decals from Leading Edge Models, for the grey scheme currently in use. The sheet had been profiled on ARC already, but this sheet really is AWESOME! I've been bugging Dave at LEM for a while for it, and just got my copies. I immediately set to work on my in-progress C-130E, and here's some shots.

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Now, these decals are not for the ham-fisted. I spent roughly 10 hours applying everything from walk-lines to the wee tiny first aid kit markings. They make the grade. The markings seemed dark on the sheet, but are perfect on the Gunship-grey beast.

As for the tail number, I flew as a SAR spotter in 130328 in Greenwood Nova Scotia. I even barfed a few times, since most rescues are in less than ideal conditions. It's a tough but very old bird (1968), being withdrawn from service in favor of the slightly newer H model( 1980's). 

I'm scratchbuilding the gear that fits in the cargo area to config the model as it would be sitting on the tarmac.


Photos and text by Harv