1/32 Dragon P-51D Mustang

Gallery Article by Mike Pattison on Mar 22 2011


This kit seems to cop a bit of flak and I'm sure I don't know why - apart from some semi-serious filling and sanding at the underside wing/cowl joint, this thing fairly fell together.

This is my first attempt at opening some panels- the kit comes with a removeable engine cowl and some pretty basic gun bays that suggest the scalpel.

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Also thought I'd try my hand at some wiring with mixed results- the engine bay leaves a lot to be desired and detracts from the overall finish- its a learning curve I guess. The gun bay was modified by drilling some holes, adding a centre separator with some evergreen, some boxy bits around the guns and a bit of wiring that works well.

The finish is alfoil using the panel-by-panel method. Differences in hue is achieved by pre-rubbing sheets of foil with various grits and sanding directions. Some were also discoloured by boiling foil with some egg shells- its quite random and highly effective, especially for burnt/heat affected areas. Painted sections such as the blue nose and rudder, wing and invasion stripes were done first then masked so that the foil could be run up to the tape edge and trimmed. Next came 'future' - essential really as it is the only thing that seems to grab to the alfoil - followed by decals which were pin-pricked at the rivets; as was the whole aircraft (rivets were pre-drilled a bit). Bit of a wash in the panel lines before a coat of matt clear. Matt finishes take post-shade a bit better because of their propensity to soak up rather than run the shading material- in this case, very heavily thinned black and some Tamiya smoke. Bit of pastel dust here and there, a coat of satin to seal the deal and, voila.......hope you like the pics

Mike Pattison

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Photos and text by Mike Pattison