1/48 Monogram P-47D

Gallery Article by Tom Bebout on Nov 3 2011


Lots has been written about Republic's P-47 Thunderbolt.  It was the largest, heaviest and most expensive fighter of WWII and would be powered by a single Pratt & Whitney R-2800 engine.  With eight .50-caliber machine guns it weighed in at eight tons when fully loaded.  Republic began in 1939 with the development of the P-43 Lancer then proceeded to further their line from the P-47B Thunderbolt thru the P-47N.  It was the British that developed the bubble canopy which improved the visibility in the rear, resulting in the P-47D.


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Picked up this classic kit at a club swap meet for $3.00 minus decals.  My stash had the "INVICTUS" markings and another member came to the rescue and supplied the stars and bars.  Nice fun kit to build and since the cockpit didn't have much detail, I inserted the pilot.  Have to work on my figure painting skills as this my second attempt at one, to be honest it's just OK.

Used Tamyia rattle can gloss aluminum and hand painted the rest with Model Master enamels.  Took a rubber eraser to the raised panel lines so some of the OD plastic would show through giving the model some detail.  Used some spare wheels as I didn't like the look of those supplied in the kit.  Added some stains with pastel chalk then sprayed it with flat lacquer to set the decals.  Once again this was a fun weekend build, not a show winner, but if you're not having fun it's not a hobby. 

Tom Bebout


Photos and text by Tom Bebout