Old 54 mm Figures

Gallery Article by Hal Marshman Sr. on Nov 24 2011


These figures were painted in the very early 1970s, making them at least 40 years old. They are in 54 mm, and are painted in original Imrey Risley enamels, before the EPA caused IR to remove the lead from their formulae. Notice how vibrant the colors are, even after all these years. I've never gotten comfortable with artists oil paints, or for that matter, acrylics, probably being one of the underlying reasons I seldom paint figures anymore. Oh yes, the figures are cast in white metal, also no longer permitted because of the lead content, although I'm now seeing figures in metal advertised again. Perhaps they've been able to reformulate the lead content..


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The figure wearing the visored hat represents a member of the SD (Sicherheistdienst), and is a Monogram Merite figure. That's right, Monogram models did a series of 54mm figures back in the day. They also provided the black plastic bases. To modify the figure, I molded riding breeches out of the straight trousers Monogram cast the figure with.

The figure wearing the fez is from Lassett Miniatures (of England) representing a member of the SS Handschar Division, an outfit drawn up from Muslims living in the former country of Czechoslavakia. I made no modifications to the figure, and mounted it onto another Monogram base.

I had given these figures to a friend who has now passed on, and his son recently returned them to me. Just thought you folks might get a kick out of seeing how we did figures 40 years ago. 

Have fun, 

Hal Marshman Sr.


Photos and text by Hal Marshman Sr.