1/48 Kinetic/Revell EA-6B Prowler

Gallery Article by Paolo Yuen on Nov 16 2011


It was the Kinetic made EA-6B models with Revell EA-6A opened wings.


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The models was built straight from box without a resin cockpit or photo etch. The bottom fuselage needed much heavy putty work but fit was good, I wanted to build it with opened wings but the Kinetic design has fold wings, it was not easy to open the wings, and the parts were very thick.  Then I wanted to change it, model shop did not have Revellís EA-6B and I could only choose the EA-6A, so I cut out the detailed from Kinetic and placed on the EA-6A, and rescribed all of the necessary panel lines, and extended a little bit of the upper wings parts to fit on the EA-6B fuselage! The nozzle didn't fit well after the wings operation and had alot of gaps to fill!

It has thin enough wings and looks good, I gave it a heavy weathering painting by airbrush and replaced the kit decals with Two Bobs decals.

Paolo Yuen

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