1/72 Hasegawa F-16C

Gallery Article by Raśl Corral on Nov 17 2011


Building a model that you know will be in the hands of a friend is always special.  In this case the friend was also a real fan of the Viper, so I planned to finish a F-16C with good looking decals.  These came from Eagle Strike, representing one of the Vipers from the 175th USAF Fighter Squadron, named "Lobos" (Spanish for wolves). The web Sharpshooter was definitely my motivator when painting this plane. Lots of pictures and details of the F-16C of this unit are shown here, including the amazing nose-arts of their F-16C's! My Viper's nose-art is called "Cold Steel", being a F-16C Block 30 (coded 85-1448). 

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In general I would say that Revell's F-16C is by far much better in detail (and in price!) than Hasegawa, I guess my choice for any future projects will be Revell!

For the cockpit I used Eduard photo etch parts, since Hasegawa's cockpit is just a bad joke. The weapons and extra fuel tanks are all from Revell (I prefer them in shape and detail).

In general I enjoyed the painting part and not so much the building. Maybe because I have previously built a F-16A from Revell that was one of the easiest kits I have ever built... yes I was spoilt, I think!

Hope you like the final results... I specially like the "Lobo" painting oin the tail!

I have many more pictures in my web (in Spanish) www.webmodelismo.com, and also a video in youtube (just search by "F-16 Hasegawa" in the search field)

Thanks and... Vista, suerte y a modelar!

Raśl Corral

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