1/48 Hasegawa F-18A/C Hornet Blue Angels 2010

Gallery Article by Burt Gustafson on Nov 18 2011


For your viewing pleasure, here are some photos of my 1/48 scale Hasegawa F-18A/C Hornet “Blue Angels 2010”. The McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) F-18C Hornet is a single seat, twin-engine, multi-mission, tactical aircraft. At the flick of a switch it can switch between air-to-air fighter missions and air-to-ground strike missions while on the same sortie. The Hornet is used by the air forces of several other nations, and has been the aerial demonstration aircraft for the U.S. Navy's Flight Demonstration Squadron, the Blue Angels, since 1986.

This kit goes together easily because the parts fit is excellent, requiring very little filling and sanding. It was an out of the box build all the way and a pleasure to build.


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Paints used for my Blue Angel Hornet were airbrushed with Model Masters and Floquil enamel paints. I airbrushed the fuselage, wings, and control surfaces with Model Masters Blue Angel Blue. Landing gear and wheel wells were painted with Floquil Reefer White.

Decaling the Blue Angel Hornet was just a bit challenging because some of the decals are quite large. However, the decals were excellent—not too thick—not too thin, and behaved beautifully. No silvering and they conformed well to the model with Solvaset Setting Solution. 

I found the Hasegawa F-18A/C Blue Angels 2010 and enjoyable build—easy assembly, good decals, and a decent amount of detail.

Burt Gustafson

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Photos and text © by Burt Gustafson