1/32 Revell F-15D/E Eagle

Gallery Article by Kevin Cader on Nov 25 2011


Here are a few pics of my latest model, a Revell 1/32 F-15D painted in modern Eagle scheme.  I used Tamiya acrylic medium gray mixed with some white for base color, I didnít like the way the aggressor gray looked, it seemed too dark, also instead of dark gray F-15 for darker color I used Testors acryl intermediate blue mixed with some white, I think its pretty close. 


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I chose Superscale #32-237 decals 173rd FW Kingsley Field, Oregon, I like the eagle on the tail with his talons out for maximum coolness!  After painting and decaling I added a wash and some light weathering, and I was happy with the way my bird turned out.

The kit parts fit pretty good with a minimum of Squadron white filler putty being used.

Kevin Cader


Photos and text © by Kevin Cader