1/144 Revell AG MiG-1.44 “Digital MiG”

Gallery Article by $weetDaddy on Nov 30 2011


This is a straight out of the box kit.  I wanted to depict the MiG -1.44 in operational service (circa 2017).  The decals are custom-made low visibility Russian roundels and a futuristic font for the bort numbers.  The digital camo pattern took up the lion share of the construction time.  I did an internet search on "digital camouflage" and found a good high resolution image which I downloaded into a graphic software program.  I isolated each individual color in the camo pattern.  Next, I sized the pattern to what seemed to be right for the scale.  Then I printed the each color on plain paper.  I cut out each pattern with a sharp #11 blade to be used as a template for cutting out a digital pattern on the masking tape.  I painted the whole model with the lightest color first.  Then I added my first set of digital mask.  Note: Don't try to cover the whole model just add a few mask, you have a long way to go.  Then I painted the next darkest color.  LEAVE the masking tape on!! Add your next set of masking tape and paint your next darkest color.  Repeat this process for until all your colors have been applied.  Remove all your masking tape only after all your painting is done.  That's the scary part; you really won't know what your digital camo will look like until you remove all your masking tape. 


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I used a 3 color paint scheme for this project.  I recommend 3-5 colors for any digital pattern.  Also, I recommend choosing a one color paint theme; i.e. if you choose gray, I suggest using a light gray, a medium gray, and a dark gray book ended by black and white. Browns for desert camo, greens for jungle, blues for maritime and so on.  For color pallet suggestions, see http://www.arcair.com/Gal1/901-1000/Gal933_Rafale_Camouflages_Aungst/00.shtm. I recommend you practice painting a digital camo pattern on a plain sheet of styrene plastic before starting on your model. Lastly, I suggest placing your masking pattern parallel to the horizontal and vertical axle of the model. 

This pattern can be used on any piece of modern military equipment.  

Hope all of you give it a try. Maybe we can have a digital camo group build.  Have fun!


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