1/24 Airfix Mosquito FB VI

Gallery Article by John Smalbrugge on Nov 29 2011


This is of my latest build and was on display at the Vancouver Show this year.  Being one of my favourite aircraft the model was built over a period of six months and approximately 200 hours. With a wingspan of twenty-seven and a quarter inches, it needs a fair amount of display area.

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The following were also used in this build:

Master Model: 

  • 1/24 British Browning Mk II - .303 cal. Machine Gun set.

  • 1/24 British 20mm Cannon Hispano Mk II set.

Scale Aircraft Conversions: 

  • 1/24 Mosquito Landing Gear set.

Paragon Designs: 

  • 1/24 Mosquito Plain Hub Wheels set.

  • 1/24 Mosquito 100 Gal. Drop Tanks set.

  • 1/24 Mosquito Rear Fuselage Underside I.D. Lights set.


  • Decal Set # AOD24005 "RCAF Mosquitoes" CANADIANS in FIGHTER COMMAND #1

RCAF Mosquito NS850 "Black Rufe" was an FB VI series II mid-production airframe. The aircraft was flown by Canadian Airmen of the 418 Squadron (City of Edmonton, Eskimo) on night-fighter sorties, stationed at Holmsey South, England, Circa mid 1944.

Hope you enjoy the photos

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Photos and text by John Smalbrugge