1/72 Anigrand XC-142A

Gallery Article by Bernhard "Flugi" Pethe on Nov 30 2011


In memory of Stu Madison, John Omvig and Charlie Jester. 
These 3 gentlemen had a fatal accident on the 17th of May, 1967 with a test flight with the 1st prototype (62-5921) close to Dallas.

Who knows the kits of Anigrand, that not always point the quality is convincing.  Many details are often inexact or are completely neglected.  The foundations sentence does not give except the external form and the dimensions, a lot.  The cockpit equipment virtually does not exist.  Accessories there is not.  Everything is used what for the improvement of the optics, must be made itself.


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The emphasis in the construction of the model,

  • Cockpit Scratch after photos

  • Rudder cut and fit new

  • Scratch the rear transmission

  • Support rails of the slats replaced

  • TW-engraved new gondolas

  • Exhaust pipes cut out and replaced by new

  • All air intakes machined deeper

  • Sheet beading modeled on the lower wing

  • Vice carves eight propeller blades rotate from left to right

  • Strengthened main landing gear mechanism and additional detail

  • Nose landing gear cut to proper height

  • Main landing gear wheels provided with profile and flattened

  • New production of various antennas and probe carrier

  • Partially new decals

From the kit since it could make the wings move. But this is like a tiltrotor always be a compromise. The wing was stuck at an angle of 45 .

Without the special issue on XC-142, Air Force Legends No.213 by William Norton, the model would not be incurred. Oh the internet to find good overall view of this machine.

Bernhard "Flugi" Pethe

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Photos and text by Bernhard "Flugi" Pethe