1/72 Indian MiGs (again)

Gallery Article by Polly Singh on Dec 23 2011


Guys, my previous article years ago used a low grade camera with crummy pics and bad lighting. 


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So I am resubmitting better pics of the Academy MiG 29, MiG 23 MF, and a MiG 23 converted to a MiG 27.  This basically called for a complete new balsa nose, remodelling the intakes to fixed pitot type, adding wing root extensions on the intakes, new nose sensors and cutting down the height of the nose gear to make it sit more parallel to the ground.  There's some damage to pitot heads etc in storage, but I'll fix that all one day when I move them into their final displays

Hope you like them !!

Here's my favourite quote from Blackadder....

"Crikey sir! - I am looking forward to today.  Up Diddly up, Down Diddly down.  Whoops, poops, twiddly dee.  Decent scrap with the fiendish Red Baron- bit of a jolly ol scrap.  Crash landing behind enemy lines-capture, torture, escape and then back home in time for tea and medals!!"

Polly Singh

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Photos and text by Polly Singh