1/32 Trumpeter F14-A Tomcat

Gallery Article by Mike Pattison on Mar 9 2012



I guess everyone that does models feels they wants, needs or otherwise has to have a Jolly Rogers Tomcat; and here's mine.

I got the kit LAST xmas and for one reason or another (new job, moved house, blah blah blah) didn't get around to finishing it until after THIS xmas when I received 6 new kits and became sufficiently motivated...... This one's a straight OOB build and really, the level of detail is such that only the rivet counters will opt for aftermarket bits and pieces


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The build was, well, not quite straight forward, but problem free and on the whole very enjoyable. I re-scribed it top to bottom, tip to tail and then deepened the rivets to really bring out the texture. The landing gear has alfoil to dress it up some after painting, washing and picking out the nuts and bolts with a paint pen.  The cockpit detail was hand painted with the kit decals used for the dials and screens.

For the finish, I pre-shaded and gull greyed before spraying light and dark squares all over using some stencils I made up out of plastic card. When this was completed it looked like a bad 'digital' camo scheme which was subsequently 'blended' in using thin coats of gull grey. The walkways were masked and painted on as the kit decal looked....erm...fake. Lastly, pastel dust was used to give the bird a stained and windswept look.

Hope you like it

Mike Pattison

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Photos and text by Mike Pattison