1/48 Grand Phoenix FJ-4B Fury

Gallery Article by Stacy Anderson on Mar 9 2012



This is my first submission to ARC. This is also my first attempt at a limited run kit. This is by and far not a 'shake and bake' kit. This model will seriously challenge your modeling skills and patience. Serious preparation was taken before in terms of research and looking around to see what others have experienced with this kit. If not for my Internet research, I would not have been able to complete this build.

This Fury from Grand Phoenix was an OOB build being that it is a multimedia kit. The kit consisted of gray and clear plastic parts, resin parts, PE, and white metal nose gear. I did use aftermarket decals from Eagle Strike. These decals however turned out to be thick and unyielding and did not lie down as well as I had liked.


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The build overall was 'ok' but challenging nonetheless. It had its shortcomings as to be expected from a limited run kit. The gray plastic was really thick and part of the bottom of one half of the fuselage was warped really badly, which made it difficult to correct (hence no pics of the bottom of the plane). There was a considerable amount of cutting, shaving, sanding, and puttying going on, not only on the bottom of the plane but also with the ill fitting wings. It all worked out though with decent results. The resin was really thick as well and trying to make the resin parts fit required sanding both the plastic and resin parts to almost paper thin thicknesses. I did learn that when using a Dremel to shave down plastic, use the lowest setting possible or the heat will melt the plastic! I almost ruined one of the wings that way. The windshield part of the canopy was slightly too big but that could not be corrected. I also had to do some interior modifications, which consisted of adding lead weight to the nose and shortening the air intake so the cockpit would fit into the fuselage.

Painting and Finishing 
I sprayed (airbrushed) the Fury with primer and then sanded it with a 12000 grain sanding pad, pre-shaded the panel lines, then painted it Light Gull Gray on the top and white on the bottom. Gloss coat, decals, and more gloss coat. This was also my first attempt at using oil paint for weathering and was less than thrilled with the results. It won't be my last attempt at it though. I eventually used a 0.7 graphite pencil to go over the panel lines and was very very satisfied with the results. The Fury was given the once over with Dullcote. Lastly, I used aluminum foil for the leading edges of the wings and stabilizers. 

I liked the end results here. It's not perfect but I'll roll with it. It took a long time and a lot of patience. My advice to anyone wanting to do a limited run kit is do a lot research and see what others have done and gone through. I also cannot stress enough to test fit, test fit, test fit! Save yourself a lot of headaches. I have another Fury in my stash and have no doubt that it will be and easier build.

Happy modeling and on to the next one!

Stacy Anderson

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Photos and text by Stacy Anderson