1/48 Monogram CF-101B Voodoo

Gallery Article by Sean Langley on Nov 18 2013



After far too long a gap, hereís my attempt at Monogramís big Voodoo. Itís all from the box, except for the decals (Belcher Bitsí every-Canadian-Voodoo-in-a-bag set) and a replacement pitot from Master.


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This kit lives down to its reputation. Itís a sod to put together in places, but if you persevere, you can produce a decent result, or one like mine instead. If you look here: you can read a long list of hints and tips for construction and markings. And here:  and here in this thread on the ARC forums  are some of my silly questions that might help as well. But at least I beat the intakes into submission!

There are quite a lot of CF-101s on ARC so to make mine a little different, itís wearing red markings for air combat training to help with the introduction of the CF-188. Which I suppose makes it a sort of Whistler Ė a symphony in grey, red and black. The serial will allow her to form part of a club display for the 50th anniversary of IPMS next year, if the undercarriage survives that long. Apologies for the dreck photography, and 'scuse the Lego! 

Sean Langley


Photos and text © by Sean Langley