1/32 Hasegawa Ju-87G

Gallery Article by Mike Pattison on Sept 14 2012



Oh No!!!! Not another 'Rudel' Stuka?....................... Yeah, but I decided early on to do the winter camo thing because there doesn't seem to be so many of 'em getting about and I'm fairly pleased with the way this one turned out and hope you are too.

Except for some cockpit goodies from Eduard, its more or less out of the box which is OK given the general standard of Hasegawa kits, but I did try and find some metal barrels for the guns to no avail.


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As always, I started by rescribing and deepening the rivets but didn't add any more than the kit provided because I felt that to do so would over-busy the surface and distract the eye because of the light colour of the finish.

The kit goes together very well with a minimum of putty and sandpaper. Scribers beware, however, because some parts (like the flaps and trailing edge of the tailplane) are wafer thin and easy to damage.

Finish was pre-shaded, then undersided, then the splinter cam (not so sure this is necessary given what comes next) before the 'distemper' of quite thin white was applied using a fairly low pressure. A light post-shade of Tamiya smoke and black was applied before a final dirty up of the panels was done with pastel dust spread in the direction of the airflow. The exhaust stain was put on by first applying and building up using the post-shade mix, then black which was dusted over with a light spray of grey before being blackened again closer to the exhausts............Future, kit decals, dry brush silver for wear 'n tear followed by a satin clear and voila........hope you find the pics useful, informative and/or entertaining; thanks for looking. 

Mike Pattison

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Photos and text by Mike Pattison