1/32 Resin Montex Yak-1b

Gallery Article by Olivier Barles on Nov 2 2012



Here are a few pictures of my Yak-1b, a full resin model from Montex.


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A very pleasant build without any bad surprises (except for the extreme fragility of the decals), all parts fitting together remarkably well and showing a high level of detail.

My only modification consisted in over-moulding the sliding part of the canopy: the original one in clear resin was a bit too thick to allow its realistic open positioning otherwise.

Then, I enjoyed taking pictures playing with the blue background of the summer sky and its sun "grazing light"...

I am still hoping for the release of another type of 1/32 scale Yakolev WWII fighters; I'd love to build a Yak-9 or a Yak-3 in the "Normandie-Niemen" markings in that scale...



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Photos and text by Olivier Barles