1/32 Hasegawa F6F-3/5 Hellcat

Gallery Article by Victor De Jesus on Nov 8 2012



Here is my latest build, the Hellcat from Hasegawa dated on 1992.  This kit turned out to be a great build with pretty good details and no fit issues.  This plane is a representation of the Navy’s VF-17, 1945.  I used MM’s acrylic and enamel paints for the paint scheme namely FS 15050 (Blue Angel blue), FS 35164 (Intermediate Blue), and flat white.  No aftermarket items were used for the construction of this plane, but I did some scratch building for the cockpit.  I used graphite and Pro-Modelers black wash to weather down this kit.  The Hellcat has the best fighter plane air to air ratio (19 to 1) which still stands today and it is highly unlikely that it will ever be broken.  A little known fact that attributed to the success of this airplane is that U.S. pilots learned weaknesses and developed effective tactics against the feared Japanese Zero after the recovery and performance tests performed of the “Koga’s Zero” recovered at the Akutan island, within the Alaska territory on July, 1942. 


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I used flat black paint for the pre-wash of the airplane, and I was quite pleased that it was visible after applying the dark blue color of the paint scheme.  I did apply heavy weathering to this plane, and I used silver paint to achieve some to of chipping effects on the leading edges of the airframe. The cockpit details were good, and the major improvement made by me was adding the seat belts and buckles, drilling rivets to the seat, and adding a couple of support plates to the seat.

I truly enjoyed working on this build as I am very fond of the American WW II war planes.  The Hasegawa kit exceeded my expectations as it came with plenty of details and it was so easy to build.  Enjoy the photos.

Victor De Jesus

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