1/144 Minicraft Honeywell Boeing 757 Flight Test Bed

Gallery Article by Jaroslav Kral on Nov 21 2012



It is some quite time that I did not submit any article so I have one now.  I am working for a Honeywell Aerospace and I found this unique test bed on our web.  So I started investigation.  Friend of mine pointed me to Flight test team and our cooperation started.  Great experience and I appreciate their kindness and patience with my questions.  I did preparation and searched for a good model to base my project on.  Finally I found that Minicraft Boeing 757 will fit.  For the 3rd engine I used TFE 731 from Dassault Falcon model.


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So what we need.  Model, Evergreen white plate and many pictures and details.  I started with pylon. This is scratch build and fit to fuselage as I expect.  Once this was done I continued with other details.  I decide for resin Rolls Royce RB-211 from BraZ model.  Not bad only some more panel lines which needed to be filled in.  Other assembly went well.  A lot of filling around cockpit and fuselage.  Once all assembled I sprayed Surfacer 1200 for surface check.  When all was OK I started to paint all surfaces with white and dark grey walkways on wings.  At first time I tried to airbrush red/grey stripes on fuselage but it was bad mistake.  I removed all colors and started from the beginning.

Then I spent some time with Corel Draw.  I created spare decals and printed them on white decal paper.  This allowed me to go to more details.  When all was finished I started final assembly.  As a last detail, I used 0,3mm wire to create Pitot probes and I did not forget the orange trailing cone on vertical stabilizer.  Model is displayed in Prague Honeywell office.

Jaroslav Kral

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Photos and text by Jaroslav Kral