1/48 Academy F-15E

Gallery Article by Mukund Vora on Dec 7 2012



At the outset I have to say, a great model. All the parts were perfect fits with a minimum of filler and sanding needed, and the model represents the current operational version of the F-15 E including the GPS antenna and several options for the smaller antennas. The decal sheet was really good though I wanted to build a Lakenheath bird so I used the large sheet from Afterburner Decals. A truly HUGE choice of optional aircraft. You have to see this sheet to believe it !!


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For the weapons load, I used the Small Diameter Bombs and their carriage from Skunk models, two of the JDAMs from the kit and the centreline LGB from Hasegawa’s Weapons “D” selection. I am sure that operational F 15E’s do not carry such a loadout, but it does look great on the model. The AMRAAM’s and the AIM 9 X came from the box (the weapons from the kit were superb). 

Hope you like the finished product.

Mukund Vora

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