1/48 Trumpeter Su-15

Gallery Article by Mukund Vora on Dec 21 2012



A nice model, well detailed and mostly accurate.  The only error was that the nose Radome is actually supposed to be at a down angle to the main fuselage, whereas in the kit it is in a straight line.  I surfed the net, read a lot of stuff about this and how to insert a small tapered plug, or buy a resin corrected nose ,etc.  I finally sanded the two fuselage halves after they were assembled , to the required small taper and glued the model-supplied radome.  Sometimes its better to use a simple solution.  One builds scale kits to enjoy themselves, not go crazy finding solutions which no one else will even see or notice!!


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There are two coloring options bare metal and camo.  I did my own thing by using Russian Underside Blue and Russian Topside Green without any further camo patterns (I think I wanted the SU -15 to look sleek and mean).  Weapons are OOB and I did not use any aftermarket stuff.

Enjoy the photos.

Mukund Vora


Photos and text by Mukund Vora