1/72 Airfix Avro Vulcan

Gallery Article by Angelo M Picardo on Dec 12 2012



The Vulcan was a very familiar sight in the skies over where I live when I was growing up.

The Royal Aircraft Establishment Bedford, at Thurleigh was a dispersal airfield for Vulcans and I remember seeing them flying around when they were on dispersal exercises.

I would cycle up to the airfield and watch them fly "Circuits and Bumps".
Recently I have seen XH558 at a number of airshows, which only served to rekindle my love of the Vulcan.

I've had a big soft spot for the giant delta winged bomber so I had to have one in my collection.

Airfix's Vulcan was first issued in 1983, and is a good model, if a bit basic, of the aeroplane.

It's been issued in various guises over the years, including XM607 which flew the first Black Buck bombing mission during the Falklands War, and an all white bomber from 617 Squadron armed with the Blue Steel stand off nuclear missile.

The latest issue is in the markings of XH558, the worlds only flying Vulcan, which will sadly be grounded after 2013's season.


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The first thing I did with the Airfix kit was to engrave the panel lines, and as they are nearly all straight lines, it was a fairly easy job.

Next job was to get the intakes assembled and seemless.  There are seemless resin sets, but I was already going to add a host of resin and etched parts to the model and wanted to keep the cost of extras down.  I also used Flightpath's etched set which among other things include the airbrakes and a replacement entry ladder.

I then added two resin sets from Wolfpack Designs to add depth and detail to the undercarriage bays, and their general detail set which includes a new tail cone, and replacement jet pipes.

I also detailed the the undercarriage legs with wire, steel tubing, and plastic card.
I added some detail to the cockpit, but as the Vulcan's windows are so small, its all but invisible.

I used Xtracolor enamels to paint her and the kit's decals were replaced with a set from Freightdog to model a Vulcan from 35 Squadron based at RAF Scampton in 1975.
I now have a model of, as far as I am concerned, is the most beautiful aircraft to have flown in RAF markings.

Angelo M Picardo

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Photos and text by Angelo M Picardo